In this section of the site, we are attempting to bring together all sorts of resources on the internet that we think our members might find interesting and/or useful. There is so much out there but often, unless you know exactly what you are looking for, it can be very hard to find. We look for feedback from you as to what is useful, what is missing that you would like to see added, and, where appropriate, frank commentary about what is of little value.

We have grouped these resources in the following categories. Simply click on the icon to go to the page with these resources.

PLEASE NOTE - When you click on these links you are leaving the TTMD site. Use your backspace key to navigate back. We check the links periodically to ensure that they are still good but if you come across any broken links, please let us know.



Articles relevant to the science, teaching of and experience of reading.
Links to associations sponsoring research into or promotion of reading.
Sites with information about particular authors/illustrators. These sites include those of publishers, fan sites, societies, personal sites of the author/illustrators, academic sites, Wikipedia, etc..


Links to the major children's literary awards around the world.
Links to blogs that are focused on children's books and children's literature.
Lists of books created by TTMD community members around particular topics or themes.
Links to e-texts of children's books.
Sites that explore folktales, particularly those with folktale texts.
Journals relevant to children's literature.
Lesson Plans
Lesson plans related to reading in general and especially particular books.
Institutions and foundations focused more on the policy and program aspect of literacy.
Want to know what other titles there are in the series? Here are a handful of sites that try to bring together that information for an astonishingly large number of series.
Special Circumstances and Needs
Resources for children with particular circumstances or needs.
Sites that explore the distinction between writing and storytelling and how to gain effectiveness in storytelling.
Summer Reading Lists
Reading lists from individual schools, most commonly summer reading lists.
Teaching Resources
Links to sites that might have useful materials for teachers, particularly related to reading. We are especially interested in hearing from teachers in the TTMD community as to what they are finding useful out on the web. Not being teachers ourselves, this collection is a bit of a shot in the dark.